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How to Prepare for the TExES

Author: Frances Van Tassell and Betty Crocker
Genre: Non-fiction
Reviewed by Kevin Tipple

11220402Every school year seems to bring more and more mandated tests for students in Texas schools. Teachers too are being tested, not just in the classroom, like never before. In previous years, such required certifications were under the umbrella of the ExCET tests. Now, the name has been changed to TExES and this book serves as study guide to those new teacher certification tests.

Written by professors in the Department of Education at The University of North Texas (Denton, Texas), this book contains lots of helpful information. Part 1 consists of an introduction to the requirements, who is required to take the test, and suggested guidelines for using this comprehensive 444-page book. Sections that most students would normally skip but serve to help those who take the time to read them.

Section 2 is a twenty-page guide to preparing for taking the test. Information that is aimed primarily towards this test but would be helpful for any student regarding tests.

Section 3 covers current teacher standards and competencies using detailed explanations of both. As a parent of two active boys, this section was also very interesting as it explained some of the actions teachers have taken with my children.

Section 4, which covers chapters 13-18, provides diagnostic and sample tests for every grade level in public school.

This is followed by several appendices that cover websites, printed material and appropriate rules and standards. A glossary and index completes the text.

Detailed and comprehensive, this book is a must for those of us, regardless of the reason, interested in teacher standards in Texas.


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